Gear Boxes

At Speedy Clutch we have for a long time repaired gearboxes using new parts from the vehicle manufacturer
or with bearings direct from the manufacturer.

Most gearboxes have similar faults.  We can repair a whole range of gearboxes at great prices:

Mk 2 Puntos often suffer from input bearing failure causing oil contamination. Repairs from £165 plus VAT. To
fit a new diff pack complete with carrier planet gears costs £225 plus VAT.

Peugeot 206 and Rover 200/400 have similar problems and similar repair costs.

BMW Mini 01 to 03, genuine new diff carrier and diff bearings  £275 plus VAT

Prices do not include fitting.

If the gearbox is beyond repair we can supply a new gearbox:

BMW [supplied] Mini gearbox - £1200 fve speed [ example ]
Fiat Punto [supplied] - £450/550 five speed [ example ]

Many people would go for a re-conditioned gearbox. However, our experience is that theses boxes have a
poor record as they are a mixture of secondhand parts with new bearings.

For the past few years at Speedy Clutch we have been fitting gearboxes reclaimed from accident damaged
vehicles and for older vehicles, gearboxes from trusted dismantlers. These gearboxes have never been stripped down. These gearboxes offer a great option for quality and price (costing about 2/3 of a reconditioned gearbox)

If you source your own gearbox at Speedy Clutch we are able to fit it for you.

Remember fitting anything but a brand new gearbox does carry risks, but if you don’t want to spend
£600 - £1200 Speedy Clutch can help.

Give me, Stuart Nutter, a call on 07973 507474 with ove 30 years experience in the car repair business, 25
years clutch fitting expertise.

At Speedy Clutch we have a phrase – ‘Quality is Free – it costs me nothing

Quality fitting + Quality Parts = Zero/low warranty issues

If you are a vehicle dismantler or small garage and have a gearbox that you don’t have a use for give me
a call – we pay cash for quality gearboxes (50 miles radius)






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