Technical Information

The Basic principles of clutch operations have stayed the same for many years. Only two things have drastically changed.

1) Dual Mass Flywheels

Fitted to the rear of the engine, usually some petrol engined vehicles of 1800cc & above, virtually all common rail diesels


2) Concentric Slave Cylinders

Always postitioned/bolted to gearbox, needs gearbox removal to replace - comes complete with release bearing.

The SAC or self-adjusting clutch adjust the diaphragm spring setting as the lining wears down.

The result is that the pedal and contact pressure forces remain constant. This extends the service life of the clutch and also saves the driver's left foot


In the DMF the mass of a conventional flywheel has been divided in two.

One part belongs, as usual, to the mass reactance of the engine. The other, however, increases the moment of inertia of the transmission.

This absorbs the noise caused by force transfer and also makes chaging gear easier






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